Hummelstown Spring

Stormwater Program Fee

Why is Hummelstown Implementing a Stormwater Fee?
The costs associated with the upkeep and maintenance of the Borough's stormwater infrastructure has grown over the years as the system size and complexity have increased. Additionally, upcoming changes to the Borough's MS4 Permit will require capital expenditures for pollution reduction measures and increased permit compliance costs. Finally, impairments to our local streams are a Borough-wide issue that needs to be addressed. Addressing pollution generated from stormwater is a big part of solving our local water quality impairments.
What's happened so far?
A Stakeholders Advisory Committee (SAC) was formed in mid 2022 to begin addressing the stormwater needs of the Borough and determine an equitable fee structure to fund those needs. The SAC identified stormwater improvement needs and determined a Stormwater Program Fee based on impervious area (IA) was the most equitable way to fund the program. Impervious area is any surface which inhibits infiltration of rainfall into the soil. This includes pavement (asphalt, concrete, etc.), rooftops, patios, sidewalks, and compacted graveled surfaces such as parking areas and driveways. Numerous studies have shown that IA is a strong indicator of both the quantity and quality of stormwater.
Once the Stormwater Program Fee method was determined, an analysis of the Borough's IA was conducted and this information was used to calculate a fee. The fee is based on an Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU), which was statistically determined to be 3,600 square feet.