Hummelstown Borough Personal Taxes

On February 1st of each year, every Borough resident 18 years old and over (regardless of whether you own your home, live with someone, or rent) is mailed a Borough personal tax bill. The only exception is if you are 18 and still in high school.

The money collected from this bill goes to the Borough for their general operating expenses. All checks for Borough personal taxes are to be made payable to Angela Durantine, Tax Collector - NOT the Hummelstown Borough.

The Borough personal tax amount is $212.50(Discounted to $208.25 if paid during Feb. or March or penalty added, $233.75 if paid after May 31st).

There are certain partial exemptions you can claim, which will remove the Occupation amount on the bill. They include:

  • If your taxable income is or will be less than $12,000 for the current year. If you claim this exemption, but find your income has increased beyond the $12,000 before the end of the year, you must come into the office to pay the Occupation amount. 
      View the Personal Occupational Tax Ordinance HERE
  • If you are retired and your only source of income is social security, pension or disability (e-mail Tax Collector for more information).
  • If you are a full-time student of higher education, TAKING 12 CREDIT HOURS PER SEMESTER FOR TWO SEMESTERS DURING THE CURRENT YEAR.
  • If you are a member of the clergy with no earned income from any other sources in excess of $12,000.
  • If you are 70 or older as of February 1 of the current year.

To claim an exemption, you are required to fill out an exemption request form below and return it with the invoice.

PLEASE NOTE: YOU ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING THE PER CAPITA AND RESIDENCE PORTION OF THE BILL (either $12.25, $12.50, or $13.75, depending on when it's paid).

You can request a complete exemption if you meet the following criteria:

  • Severely handicapped and require 24-hour care;
  • Out-of-state or non-resident military (e-mail Tax Collector for more information);
  • Moved prior to February 1st.

If you moved on after February 1st, or were missed in the first mailing, you may receive a "Supplemental" mailing on July 1, which is just a mid-year mailing. The amounts are the same, just due July-Aug (discount); Sept-Oct (face); or Nov-Dec (penalty).

All Borough personal tax bills go delinquent if not paid by December 31st. If not paid, they are turned over to the Keystone Collections Group  for collection. An additional fee is assessed by Keystone Collections Group. Those letters are mailed late January/early February.

Once my books are closed for the year and delinquent tax bills sent to Keystone Collections Group, I can no longer collect those taxes. Any delinquent personal taxes must be handled through them.