Public Works at Work

All Finished but the Finishing Touches

All that is left for Public Works to do is grade and reseed!

Hummelstown Nature Trail Improvements Help Our Stormwater Infrastructure

The Borough’s Public Works team is taking on the much-needed stormwater improvement project at the Hummel Nature Trail.
The first phase of this multi-phase project includes dredging the existing basin. The basin is designed to manage stormwater by capturing, storing and “treating” runoff from the west end of town prior to ultimately discharging cleaner water into the Swatara Creek.  Over time, build up occurs and comprises the integrity of the stormwater system. The dredging process includes the removal of sediment, vegetation, and trees in order for the basin to perform property.   Dredging will return the basin to a healthy, functioning, and compliant system. 
This project is one of many more in our future needed to satisfy our MS4 requirements and improve our stormwater infrastructure.