Do I need a permit to place a shed on my property?

Yes – Sheds may be placed in side or rear yards only. They must be at least 3 feet from any side or rear property line, 5 feet from any alley, and 10 feet from your house.

 Do I need a permit to install a fence?

Yes – The Borough permits fences to be installed right up to the property line (as long as you know where that is). Fences may be a maximum height of 3.5 feet in the front yard and 6 feet in side and rear yards.

 Can the Borough force my neighbor to trim a tree that's hanging over my property line?

No – This situation is a private matter between both property owners. Any property owner is permitted to trim trees up to his property line.

 Are the sidewalks and curbs in front of my house my responsibility to maintain?

Yes – They are to be maintained in good condition and free from safety hazards. If portions of the sidewalk are heaved or broken, causing tripping points, these sections of sidewalk should be replaced. Also, snow and ice are required to be removed from all sidewalks within 12 hours after a snow storm.

 If I have a tree between my curb and sidewalk, is it my responsibility to trim?

Yes - These trees are the property owner's responsibility and the Borough Ordinance requires them to be trimmed to a height of 8 feet over the sidewalk and 14 feet over any street or alley.