Borough of Hummelstown

Your kind of town.

 The Hummelstown Borough Police Department is proud to serve our community with professional full time police services.  We have seven full-time officers and five part-time officers serving the community.  Click on the photo to the left to go to the HPD pages.  There you will find information on our staff, police reports, crime prevention, community activities, and much more.


The Public Works

Department is a vital part of your government services.  During the summer months, they maintain Borough Parks and facilities, streets, storm and solid waste sewers and perform a myriad of other tasks.  In the fall, they pick up leaves and in the winter, they keep our roadways clear of ice and snow.  This is just a small list of all of the things that they do.  If we were without their services for just a few days, we would see and appreciate what they do a lot more.  Next time you see them out and about, say "Hi" and tell them that you appreciate what they do for you.

Last updated Friday, February 16, 2018