Borough of Hummelstown

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BUILDING MATERIALS AND MISCELLANEOUS:  There are two relatively close facilities open to the public to dispose of building and construction and demolition materials including roofing shingles, ceramic tiles, concrete block, brick, lumber, drywall, truck tires, windows, doors, bathtubs, toilets, sinks, etc.  Please call the facility to confirm their acceptance policy on items not listed above.


  • Boyd E. Diller, Inc., I-81 to Wertzville Road, Enola. 766-6403

PROPANE TANKS: The old style tanks that can no longer be used will be accepted ($5.00 disposal charge) at: Hornung's Ace Hardware, 6005 blue Bird Ave, Linglestown. 545-1222

SCRAP METAL: These companies will accept metals, brass, copper and aluminum.  Please call for specific details and current scrap metal rates.

  • Consolidated Scrap Resources, Inc., 1616 N. Cameron St., Harrisburg  233-7927
  • Tri State Recyclers, 2209 N 7th St., Harrisburg  233-5606

ELECTRONIC DEVICES: This includes desktop and laptop computers, computer monitors, computer peripherals and televisions.  These items can be dropped off at the Dauphin County electronics recycling center at 1620 S 19th Street in Harrisburg.  For more information visit (select Electronics Recycling from the menu) or call the Recycling Hotline at 1-800-346-4242